Since 2007, Market Research Solutions, LLC has been providing various market research and consulting solutions to research partners in North America and abroad.  Our goal at Market Research Solutions is a simple one - to build long-term relationships through commitment, integrity and a can-do attitude.  


With widespread market research experience across a variety of research techniques, Market Research Solutions has developed a trusting relationship with our partners in the areas of health care, sport and sponsorship, and communications to name a few.  By offering solutions which encompass the entire project life cycle, we provide our clients the flexibility and convenience of working with a single, trusted company who will seamlessly integrate with your team.  

Areas of consulting expertise include process analysis, design, and implementation in small to mid-sized market research organizations. Staff experience includes Big Five consulting experience, Six Sigma certification, and a successful track record of increased operational efficiency at market research firms.


Market Research Solutions has offices in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.