Since 2007, Market Research Solutions, LLC has been providing various market research and consulting solutions to research partners in North America and abroad.  Our goal at Market Research Solutions is a simple one - to build long-term relationships through commitment, integrity and a can-do attitude.  


With widespread market research experience across a variety of research techniques, Market Research Solutions has developed a trusting relationship with our partners in the areas of pharmaceuticals, sport and sponsorship, and communications to name a few.  By offering solutions which encompass the entire project life cycle, we provide our clients the flexibility and convenience of working with a single point-of-contact who will seamlessly integrate into your team.  Proven research skills and available solutions include research design and strategic analysis, survey programming and hosting, data processing and advanced analytics. 

Areas of consulting expertise include process analysis, design, and implementation in small to mid-sized market research organizations. Staff experience includes Big Five consulting experience, Six Sigma certification, and a successful track record of increased operational efficiency at market research firms.


Market Research Solutions has offices in suburaban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.